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About Us

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The outfitter is located in the heart of La Verendrye on the reserve along the banks of the majestic Cabonga lake, one of the largest lakes in Quebec with 4500 km of shoreline.

The outfitter exist since 1939 and our family have been there for 28 years.​

Cabonga lake is composed of 37 natural lakes which communicate together, so much water you couldn't fish it all in a hundred lifetimes.

What contributes to the quality of fishing is that there is no fishing pressure. Except some small autochtones groups, there's no residence or cottage along the banks of Cabonga lake.

Deer Horn Lodge is the destination for those who want a chance to catch a 10 pounds walleye, 25 pounds pike or 30 pounds laker trout.

Pleasant vacances in an atmosphere of good humor and tranquility.

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