Additional Information

icon Chalet du Pavillon Deer Horn Lodge

To make the most of your stay, you will find a reminder of things to remember and the rules of the lodge.

You must bring:

  • Sleeping bag or bedding
  • Safety vest
  • Dish soap, dish cloth and dishcloth
  • Fishing gear
  • Personal effects
  • Food and drink
  • First aid kit


The rules

Camp fires are prohibited on the lodge site.

Propane tanks included with your grill must be used only for the BBQ and cannot be used for Shore Lunch on the banks of the lake.

Pets are allowed at the lodge provided they do not disturb and are not dangerous for other customers. You must pick up their little ''damages''.

Pets are not allowed on the beds.

Walleye Northern pike Lake trout
dore brochet truite grise
Only the walleye between 37 cm (14 1/2 '') and 53 cm (20 5/8 '') can be preserved. The possession limit is 6. No size limit. The possession limit is 6. No size limit. The possession limit is 2.

A deposit of $ 150.00 per person (non-refundable) is required for booking.

You must respect your booking and the duration of your stay.

Note that there is no refund on cancellation.

Very important: The day of your departure, you must check-out your cabin 10 A.M. to permit the cleaning before the arriving of the next guests.